Kum 7 ngakchia pate haa 526 an phoipiak

Kum 7 ngakchia pate haa 526 an phoipiak
Doctors arrange tooth-like structures removed from the mouth of a 7-year-old boy inside a hospital in Chennai, India, August 2, 2019. According to the doctors, the boy had started to complain of jaw pain and swelling and investigation revealed the presence of a large lesion with multiple hard structures within the portion of the right side of his jaw. More than 500 teeth were removed from the mouth of the boy, doctors added. REUTERS/P. Ravikumar

Nizaan ahkhan India haa sibawi te nih kum 7 ngakchia pate ka chungin haa 526 kan phoipiak tiah thawng an thanh.

200g a ritmi haa 526 cu ngakchia pate i a tanglei orhlei haani chung in an chuahpiak.

“Ngakchia pate cu kan sizung ah an ratpi i a haani phing tiin an kan chimh. Kum 3 a si lio tein a haani phing cang an kan ti,” tiah operation a tuahtu Saveetha Dental College and Hospital in sibawipa Senthilnathan P nih a chim.

“A haani phingmi cu kan hlaipiak tik ah haa a keu rih lomi a zaza in an rak benh ko kha kan hmuh. Ngakchia pate hi vawlei haa tambik minung ah aa tel lai tiin kan zumh,” tiah sibawi pa nih a chim.

Ngakchia pate haa an phoipiak hi kan hnu thla ahkhan a si. Chennai khuapi ah a cangmi a si.

“Kan hnu thla ah a haa kan phoipiak cu a si i atu ahcun ngakchia pate cu a dam cang. Sizung in a chuak cang,” tia sibawi pa nih a chim. _ The Star